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19th Century Azeri Carpet


A 19th century Persian Azeri carpet with three contrasting central medallions surrounded by various […]

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19th Century Caucasian Prayer Rug


A wonderful late 19th century Caucasian prayer with fantastically woven alternating multicolored stripes with […]

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19th Century Karachoff Kazak Carpet

$12,000.00 $11,000.00

A 19th century Karachoff Kazak carpet with three central diamond medallions surrounded by tribal […]

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19th Century Kazak Rug, 5′ x 7’5″


An absolutely gorgeous mid-19th century Persian Kazak rug with three large central geometric indigo […]

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19th Century Perepedil Rug, 4’4″ x 5’5″


A late 19th century Perepedil rug with a beautiful all-over field of geometric patterns […]

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19th Century Shirvan Rug, 4’1″ x 5’3″


A 19th century Persian Shirvan rug with bold octagonal medallions on an indigo background, […]

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19th Century Shirvan Rug, 7′ x 12′


A 19th century Azerbaijani Kilim rug with an amazing alternating geometric striped pattern in […]

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Extraordinary Late 19th Century Shriven Prayer Rug


An extraordinary late 19th century Persian Shirvan prayer rug with an incredible stylized multicolored […]

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