Cleaning and Repairs

Every Rug Has a Story

Like all well-loved things, rugs can wear down with time. Our team will work to ensure your beloved antique will be restored to its original condition.

Expert Weavers

We have had extensive training for years, and know the best ways to repair your rug.

Variety of Cleaning Methods

From ancient methods to more contemporary techniques, we make sure that your rug is cleaned in the gentlest possible way.

Experience with Antiques

We aren't new at this. Reza's Rug Gallery is a family business and our knowledge of caring for these woven heirlooms has passed on for generations.

Our Services

At Reza's Rug Gallery, we want to make sure that your rugs are in the best condition possible. That's why we have cleaning and repair services for rugs that you have purchased here or elsewhere. Our ancient cleaning and repair techniques will ensure your antique rug will be in great condition for generations. Call us today for a quote. No job is too challenging!


Terms and Conditions

Reza's Rug Gallery cannot assume responsibility for normal aging conditions inherent in floor coverings such as shrinkage, fading, piling, color running, bleeding, dry rot, back separation, separation of iron on or heat glued seams, improperly sewn seams, and texture differences because of wear.  Nor can we guarantee against defects resulting from previous application of "do it yourself" cleaning methods, or items which had been dyed over the original color.  All items for cleaning that have any animal, foreign known, or undetermined types of stains will be cleaned and/or worked at customer's risk.  Colors may be affected by such stains, and as a result, after effects are beyond our control.

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No job is too challenging!

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