Turkish Rugs

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Incredible Early 20th Century Sparta Rug


An incredible early 20th Century Turkish Sparta rug with a beautiful all-over multicolored floral […]

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Stunning 1920s Konya Rug


A stunning 1920s Turkish Konya rug with a bold abrash orange field with a […]

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Uzbek Kilim Rug


A mid-20th Century Uzbek Kilim rug with a large-scale alternating crimson and black pattern, […]

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Early 20th Century Shahsavan Kilim


An early 20th Century, Azerbaijani,Shahsavan Kilim rug with a traditional crimson, sage green and […]

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Early 20th Century Turkish Kilim Runner


An early 20th Century Anatolian Turkish Kilim runner with three large multicolored geometric central […]

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Early 20th Century Turkish Kilim Rug


An early 20th Century Turkish Kilim rug with a brilliant spring green diamond medallion […]

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Early 20th Century Qazvin Runner


An early 20th Century Persian Qazvin Kilim runner with an all-over multicolored tree-of-life pattern […]

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Vintage Verneh Kilim Rug


A mid-20th Century Turkish Verneh Kilim rug with an all-over eight-pointed star pattern with […]

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Erzurum Kilim Rug


An early 20th Century Turkish Erzurum Kilim rug with alternating red, yellow, and white […]

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Bold Mid-20th Century Turkish Bessarabian Runner


A bold mid-20th Century Turkish Bessarabian runner with all-over trellis floral and vine pattern […]

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Beautiful Vintage Turkish Keysari Rug


A mesmerizing early 20th Century Turkish Keysari rug with an extraordinary pattern of intricately […]

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