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19th Century Azeri Runner


A late 19th century Persian Azeri runner with nine unique and wonderfully detailed multi-colored […]

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19th Century Kuba Runner, 2’7″ x 18’4″


An amazing 19th century Azerbaijani Kuba runner, woven in 100% wool, with an all-over […]

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19th Century Malayer Runner, 3′ x 13’7″


A late 19th century Persian Malayer runner with a gorgeous crimson central field, layered […]

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19th Century Persian Runner, 3’6″ x 10′


A late 19th century Persian runner with alternating multicolored stripes with all-over paisley design, […]

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19th Century Serab Runner, 3’5″ x 14’8″


An amazing 19th century Persian Serab camel-hair runner with an intensely woven multicolored lattice […]

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19th Century Shriven Runner, 3’6″ x 11’3″


A wonderful late 19th century Persian Shriven runner with six multicolored diamond medallions on […]

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20th Century Northwest Persian Runner, 3’5″ x 12’5″


An early 20th Century Northwest Persian runner with nine diamond medallions on a variegated […]

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Antique Bidjar Runner, 3’4″ x 16′


An antique, late 19th century, Persian Bidjar runner with all-over geometric floral pattern on […]

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Antique Ganjeh Carpet Runner, 3’7″ x 10’3″


A late 19th century Persian Ganjeh carpet with all-over paisley pattern surrounded by a […]

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Antique Persian Lori Runner, 2’6″ x 7′


An antique Persian Lori runner with asymmetrical multicolored geometric pattern and a striped pattern […]

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Antique Serab Runner,3’5″ x 10’2″


An antique, late 19th century, Persian Serab runner with multiple diamond medallions on a […]

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Early 20th Century Heriz Runner, 2’10” x 15’7”


An early 20th Century Persian Heriz runner with all-over tree-of-life pattern with weeping willows […]

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Early 20th Century Isfahan Runner, 2’11” x 13’3′”


An early 20th Century Persian Isfahan runner with intricately woven floral lattice pattern on […]

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Early 20th Century Karabakh Runner, 3’4″ x 11′


An early 20th Century Persian Kareback runner with three contrasting diamond-form floral medallions on […]

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Early 20th Century Kazak Runner, 3’8″x 11′


An important early 20th Century Persian Kazak runner with six wonderful large-scale floral medallions, […]

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Early 20th Century Malayer Runner, 3’3” x 8’4”


An early 20th Century Persian Malayer runner with Classic tribal motif of two asymmetrical […]

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Early 20th Century Moghan Runner, 3’7″ x 10’9″


A wonderful early 20th Century Persian Moghan runner with multiple multicolored diamond medallions on […]

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Early 20th Century Persian Shahsavan Runner, 3’5″ x 15’9″


An early 20th Century Persian Shahsavan runner with multiple crimson and indigo diamond patterns […]

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Early 20th Century Serab Runner, 3’10” x 14′


A wonderful early 20th Century Persian Serab runner rug with four large diamond medallions […]

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Early 20th Century Seraband Runner, 3’7″ x 10’3″


An early 20th Century Persian Saraband runner with an amazing all-over paisley pattern on […]

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Turn-of-the-Century Yalameh Runner, 3’8″ x 11’7″


An amazing, circa 1900, early 20th Century Persian Yalameh runner with nine geometric woven […]

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Wonderful Early 20th Century Lori Runner, 3’4″ x 11’5″


A wonderful early 20th Century Persian Lori runner with an incredible all-over pattern of […]

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